Category Communications is a public relations agency that represents industry leaders and innovators by using data-led storytelling strategies to drive real business impact. We’re here for the changemakers in every category.
We craft the story.
You shape the category.
Category was founded by Lauren Arnold and Chantel Cassar, entrepreneurs and industry leaders with a track record of scaling North America's category leading brands through integrated communication strategies. But we also believe we are only as good as the experts we surround ourselves with. That’s why we have an advisory board to support us: industry heavyweights in their categories that have seen it, done it and solved it.
PR isn't a fluffy, one-off newspaper article anymore. It takes data and uses it to inform our economic policy, technology trends and real estate shifts.
We built Category to embrace and set a new standard for PR.

We’re business-first and data-driven. That’s why we insist your communications work in tandem with your SEO, digital and organic growth strategy. It’s why our onboarding process includes an SEO audit and communications keyword strategy to inform all PR. And it’s why we provide you with robust thought leadership, media and speaker training.

Our mission at Category Communications is to collaborate passionately with industry change makers and founders, providing strategic communication solutions that create real business impact.
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